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E2U! has a number of quality males for sale.
Prices and additional photos available upon request


Legends Chocolate Drop Sundae
DOB: 8/22/97
SIRE/DAM: Hot Fudge Sundae/High Velocity
DOB: 1/6/92
SIRE/DAM: Olivia Bolivia
Jean Luc
DOB: 11/6/98
SIRE/DAM: Tikal/SS Giselle
Willie B. Gone
DOB: 5/31/98
SIRE/DAM: Treemoor's Barnaby/Charbeneau's Clementine

DOB: 8/19/93
SIRE/DAM: Monopoly/CF Lady Lillian

E2U! Big Mamou
DOB: 7/3/98
SIRE/DAM: Hot Fudge Sundae/Mica of Quartz

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