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E2U! has a number of quality females for sale.
Please check out their statistics below.
Prices and additional photos available upon request.


E2U! Z Spot Run
DOB: 7/19/98
SIRE/DAM: Marika's/OTL Paloma
E2U! Caramel
DOB: 9/1/98
SIRE/DAM: Marika's Thunder/High Velocity

E2U! Sugar Rush's Surprise
DOB: 10/8/01
SIRE/DAM: Unnamed/Sugar Rush
E2U! Sugar Rush
DOB: 5/26/99
SIRE/DAM: Jacobi/Legend's Red Wing
Mocha Mix Magic
DOB: 2/10/97
SIRE/DAM: Neebish/Ebony Cachet
Ali Voila
DOB: 5/27/97
SIRE/DAM: Cheeno/Mademoiselle
Legends Marbles
DOB: 7/24/96
SIRE/DAM: Onyx of Quartz/Calgary's Bella Evita

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