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   E2U! 2006 crias, check out our newest additions! 
Prices and additional photos available upon request

   2006 Ears To You! Llama Ranch Crias

The newest kid on the ranch "Winks!"
A true black with a white beard and one white eyebrow winking at you! He's a heavy wooled 'miniature size' male

Little Winks! 
SIRE/DAM: The Venetian x Midnight Merriment



A multi colored leopard 'standard size' male

Little bit of Mango! 
SIRE/DAM: Kookaburra Down Under x
Sittin on a Rainbeu



A paint colored 'standard size' male
Zoomin' on Chocolate!
DOB: 06/27/06
SIRE/DAM: Legends Chocolate Drop Sundae x
It Ain't Chocolate

A red seal point colored 'standard size' male

Little Red Wagon! 
DOB: 06/20/06
SIRE/DAM: Chiloquen x
Miss April


A true black silky heavy wooled  'miniature size' female just like mom!

Little Henri! 
DOB: 06/12/06
SIRE/DAM: Bolivian Hot Shot Fancy Boy x
Saint Henrietta-Raye


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