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  2002 Ears To You! Llama Ranch Crias



2002 crias now adults and providing stud service!
Simba Good Ju Ju
DOB: 6/2/02
SIRE/DAM: King of the Jungle/SSL Bolivian Mildred
DOB: 9/19/02
SIRE/DAM: Lolita's Lupe/MGF Calliopee
Dream Merchant
SIRE/DAM: DDL Dream Weaver/Deb's Britches
Leave it to Beaver
SIRE/DAM: Hierbert Chairman/Sable
Kookaburra Down Under
DOB: 9/19/02
SIRE/DAM: Outback/MW Ophelia

(Want to hear the real Kookaburra? Click here! Kookaburra)

Standing Ovation
SIRE/DAM: Matedor/Malia's Solana
Billie Jack
DOB: 5/21/02
SIRE/DAM: Yukon Jack/Uber's Honey Bear


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